JSTARS 2.0.2

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JSTARS is a standalone desktop application for Windows systems and it works together virtual radar like Kinetic Aviation SBS-1 connected to the PC via USB port. It should have to work also with other virtual radars that use Kinetic protocol shared typically in the 30003 port for third part software (addon and plugins). JSTARS is able to detect airplanes in … Continua a leggere

LIEE ATZ Air Traffic

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In questo gruppo su Facebook “LIEE ATZ Air Traffic” sono postate le notifiche sul traffico aereo che interessa l’aeroporto di Elmas LIEE. Il sistema totalmente automatizzato si basa su un mio programma speciale in grado di monitorare il traffico aereo che interessa l’aeroporto, seguendo i velivoli dall’avvicinamento da una certa distanza fino all’atterraggio e poi dal decollo fino all’ingresso in … Continua a leggere


WeatherPWS is a Windows Phone 8 app written in C# and Silverlight.
This app allows to get weather datas from clientraw.txt standard file generated by Personal Weather Station and their manager software like Weather Display.
Follow your PWS datas or other favourite PWS.
It has a Live Tile updated each 30 minutes with main weather data and iconic symbol about sky condition. Continua a leggere


JSTARS is a software application written in Java 1.6 to provide a set of features to detect and to log interested air traffic.
It works connected via a TCP/IP port of BaseStation software by Kinetic Avionic SBS-1 Virtual Radar and with AirNav RadarBox too.
Actually the latest version “AirNav RadarBox 2009 – 3.01 Beta” works fine with JSTARS. Continua a leggere