JSTARS 2.0.2

JSTARS is a standalone desktop application for Windows systems and it works together virtual radar like Kinetic Aviation SBS-1 connected to the PC via USB port. It should have to work also with other virtual radars that use Kinetic protocol shared typically in the 30003 port for third part software (addon and plugins).
JSTARS is able to detect airplanes in two main groups: Civilian and Military-Government.
It means every time an airplane is detected by your virtual radar, your JSTARS could log it and could notify you about this detection.
In the next version, it will be possible to detect and to notify also airplanes you want to monitor by a custom list.
In this version, JSTARS wants to provide a wide help and support to all air traffic monitors, in particular all guys wanna log military and government air traffic.
JSTARS offers also the new feature called “POI Point of Interest”, giving you the opportunity to monitor all air traffic around a fixed point or an airport.
An advanced notification system allows you to receive information about what your radar has detected anytime and anywhere you are, thanks to email, Facebook, Twitter and web and coming soon also by your Windows Phone smartphone!
JSTARS 2.0.0 has been totally rebuilt and new technologies and professional knowledge have been applied thanks to our cooperation with a famous airline with whom we worked for about one year for a customized version.

Military air traffic logged by JSTARS



Air traffic detected in the near airport by JSTARS



JSTARS is able to share in a web page all air traffic datas detected by your virtual radar.


Facebook notifications in a secret Facebook group (visible only for your friends):

Facebook notifications in a closed Facebook group where members pay to receive these updates about local airport movements in real time (thanks to JSTARS you can activate a small form of business):

To work with all features and with no limited time, JSTARS needs a license file.
This license is issued by the author after a regular registration requested is sent via email (automatically by JSTARS or manually sending to jstars_software -AT- yahoo.com this file: jstars_reg_requested.dat that you’ll find in the JSTARS main folder after a registration request has been made via JSTARS menu).
Usually you’ll receive a valid license file via email reply within 24-48 hours or less.

We strongly recommend that you ensure that JSTARS performs to your satisfaction before registering. You have about 4 hours limited time of running with no license to evaluate the software.

Paypal (www.paypal.com) is the payment system that JSTARS Software by Rob uses to receive donations and license payments (sentryrp AT outlook.com)

Private/personal use
License is valid for personal use. It’s allowed to install different copies of JSTARS in a SINGLE computer, for example to log different air traffic typology.
A second license or more (for example to install JSTARS also in a notebook or a 2nd PC) can be issued with a discount, contact the author: jstars_software -AT- yahoo.com

Commercial/professional use
JSTARS was born under hobby-personal requirements but the newer version 2.0.0 matches with some new professional requirements issued by an important airline that has evaluated a similar customized software built by the author for their purposes.
So, JSTARS works nice also for not critical professional/commercial purposes and it’s possible to request mods to satisfy particular requirements or integration with existing systems.
License for this standard version for commercial/professional use could be arranged by contacting the author: jstars_software -AT- yahoo.com.

Previous JSTARS version users
All friends and clients that gave me their trust with previous JSTARS version can obtain this new version 2.0.0 with a special discount “Upgrade”. Just choose the “Upgrade” item below in the PayPal box and contact the author providing name/surname/email used to issue the old license.

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Download and registration have been temporany suspended

A simple PDF UserGuide is inside JSTARS package, userguide folder.

Java JRE 8 is requested: Java JRE 8

JSTARS has been tested with Kinetic SBS-1. Send your feedback with other virtual radars or Kinetic SBS versions. Thanks!

This license is valid for all JSTARS updates versions from 2.0.1 to 2.9.9 (many many years durable – about 10 years)